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Coca-Cola, a 120-year-old soft drink, is still being sipped by 4 out of 5 people every day!

This legacy brand was founded in 1886 by a pharmacist named John Pemberton. Poor Pemberton used to serve 9 glasses per day but has now increased to 1.9 billion servings per day. However, this is not a film that will be a blockbuster overnight, but there are great marketing strategies that have boosted these figures from nine to billions!

Targeting the targets:

Do you know that Coca-Cola invented the shape of Santa Claus that we see today?


When coca cola entered the beverage world initially caused immense suffering which led Coca-Cola to think differently. It began its Christmas promotion in the 1920s by making Santa Claus the ideal form for children.

This campaign has been a tremendous success that has lasted far longer than intended! With this success, Coca-cola even launched “Sprite Boy” for the new beverage brand sprite which we are seeing on sprite bottles till now!


The Coke team has succeeded with children and now targeted the younger age using an exceptionally easy approach of advertising by famous TV or movie stars!

Middle Aged:

The surprising element is that Coke’s marketing team has concentrated on middle-aged adults who will work tirelessly for their children’s welfare. To build connection and emotion, they created the idea of writing the names of Coke bottles and challenged them to search for their names or family names.


The acceptable fact is that coke has its benchmark in campaigning its product. Every time coke mesmerized its competitors with its creative campaigns. The major campaigns which have set the trend are:

Share a coke:

Coca-Cola noticed that connecting emotionally with their customers might help them connect and promote their brand.Share a Coke is one such groundbreaking campaign that has launched with a new wrapping of bottles with the names of their loved ones, resulting in huge sharing on numerous social media platforms with the hashtag #shareacoke.

Customers were required to SMS their friend’s name Then users would receive an MMS via which they could share their chosen friend’s name lit up in lights through Facebook or send him/her mail.

Taste the feeling:

This is the time when coke manufacturers are having a tough time with sales falling by 1% in the last year. This has disturbed the marketing minds of Coca-Cola and made them think deeper. Then they came up with the idea that has united Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Coca-Cola Zero under the iconic Coca-Cola brand

Again, They re-launched the beverages with the campaign Taste the Feelings with the slogan “We make simple, everyday moments more special.” This has significantly increased Coca-Cola sales and maintained them on pace!

Thanda Matlab Coca cola:

Because of its popularity in many nations, Coca-Cola has thought of easy penetration in India. But in India that was different! In general, Indians choose beverages such as lemon juice (nimbu pani) or sugarcane juice.

Coca-Cola geniuses have filled this void by launching the “Thanda Matlab Cola” campaign, which has officially replaced the age-old serving juices and it comes with no surprise that if anything needed to be served cold, we’d bring Coca-Cola!


Campaigns were just one side of the coin! Coke had another way to stand out from the crowd. The methodologies Coke followed are:


Coca-Cola has been a symbol of friendship and refreshment on both sides of the conflict since the onset of World War II. Over 5 billion bottles have been served in 44 countries, spreading the flavour and brand to locations where marketing efforts may not have reached.


Coca-Cola aims to be connected with what consumers care about. The Coca-Cola Company is the Olympic Movement’s longest-standing partner, having supported every edition of the Olympic Games since 1928. Coca-Cola has developed a one-of-a-kind chance to refresh and rejoice with sports fans in the more than 200 nations where they do business.

Cricket Kushi:

Indians are huge cricket enthusiasts. This has stunned the Coke marketing team, who have produced many ads, including “Stock Up,” “Match Ready,” and “Be the 12th man.” These commercials encouraged cricket fans to plan ahead of time and stock up on Coca-Cola. To enjoy every second of the World Cup and not miss any game-changing cricket moments.

MC Donalds:

A burger and a coke is a very common combination all over the world. The Coca-Cola sales team has made this notion an emotion by advising McDonald’s on the Extra Value Meal. There is a symbolic relationship between Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, which has the largest restaurant customer base.

Key Take Aways:

These are the great marketing strategies that have succeeded for Coca-Cola, and the following are the key takeaways from this legendary brand:

1)Brand Positioning:

Simply said, brand positioning is the act of establishing your brand in the brains of your customers. Coca-Cola has raised the bar for its brand, and every new product produced under it will require less promotion.

2) Product Positioning:

Highlighting the advantages of your brand to your targeted audience is product positioning. We can learn Coca cola’s baby steps starting from children to all their customer segments.

3) Unique Selling Point:

While selling, something unique is required. Coca-Cola is nothing more than sugar water, but people all over the world consume it regularly. The sole reason for this is that people are more attracted to the emotion established by Coca-Cola than to the product itself.


Coca-Cola has become the leading brand in beverage manufacturing solely because they believe that good marketing is always a worthwhile investment rather than an expense

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