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Introducing Metaloop: fancy enough name and a fancier event, where students grasped at ideas straight out of fiction and immersed themselves to create intricate solutions. A hackathon so epic that it made the Matrix look like a walk in the park? Yeah, pretty much.
It was a 36-hour national-level hackathon, where over 120 students gathered to participate and compete hand in hand. It took place at the MLR Institute of Technology, organized by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) in collaboration with DeepLoop Technologies. This event was held on October 6th and 7th and it marked the initiative to dwelve into the realm of Metaverse.
The journey began with an online boot camp on October 2nd and 3rd, it equipped participants with all the technical knowledge that was required before stepping into the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), it laid the basic foundation for the developing ideas.
It had three interesting themes- Manufacturing, Healthcare and Gaming: each of which had their own potential for AR/VR technology so the participants had oppurtunities to explore and innovate. In manufacturing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tackle inefficiencies and safety concerns, making the industry safer and more efficient. Gaming gets a boost with AR and VR, creating immersive and socially exciting experiences. In healthcare, these technologies simplify training, enhance patient understanding, and improve care quality, making treatments more accessible and innovative
The problem statements were exciting enough to build upon and showcase creativity. Gamers had the first real opportunity to shine with their talent, but everyone as a whole dove into projects ranging from optimising manufacture to healthcare to flaunt their capabilities. They also understood the broad applications of the AR/VR technology and the diversity at which it can be used.
After diligently working for 36 hours, they worked passionately and competed with the other to win amongst a cash prize pool of 75,000 INR.
A distinguished jury, featuring industry experts like Mr. Jatin Dehmiwal (senior developer of SNAP AR), Mr. Tejas Shirodkar (founder and CEO of, and Mr. Manoj Badagharwala (startup mentor at T-Hub, Woxen, CIES, NCAM), evaluated the projects.
The evaluation process went through three phases, resulting in over 50 teams being shortlisted. Finally, the winners were announced, each sector had its own competition but the winners shone through,

and industry sponsors like Karanji, XRMonk, and Folkit generously provided future scope and opportunities for their respective ideas.
In a nutshell, Metaloop was an exhilarating event, it contained a sneak peak into a world full of technology people only envisioned in movies,it was eye opening for many. It had a lasting impact as they left with heightened creativity and collaborative spirit. It was not just a tech fiesta cause it morphed into much more of a profound experience where students had the power to make a change in the world of metaverse.

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