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“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”
― Elbert Hubbard

When you hear the word “Inventron,” your brain buzzes towards something related to invention and innovation.
Well, you aren’t wrong.

In the fast-paced world of technology, we need smart solutions for real-life problems. That’s where Inventron came in—a hub of inspiration and problem-solving brilliance. It sparked innovation by bringing together diverse minds—coders, creatives, and business buffs. Participants don’t just think; they dig deep into problems. The best part? We had experienced mentors guiding them. Inventron wasn’t just an event; it was a journey that shaped the future of tech problem-solving through creativity and collaboration.

Inventron, a national-level hackathon conducted on the 27th and 28th of January 2023, was hosted by MLR Institute of Technology’s CIE (Centre For Innovation & Entrepreneurship) to provide a platform for students to collaborate and transform innovative concepts into tangible solutions. The event was more than just a coding competition; it encouraged entrepreneurship and technological expertise. Through workshops, mentorship sessions, and the intense hackathon environment, participants honed their technical skills and gained valuable insights into entrepreneurship. Inventron was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge, leaving behind a cohort of inspired individuals ready to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.

This national-level hackathon serves as a breeding ground for budding inventors to showcase their skills, with a focus on themes such as agriculture, healthcare, mobility, computer tech, and open innovation.

Agriculture: As the world’s population keeps growing, farming faces big challenges. Inventron wants participants to come up with smart ideas that make farming better, solve food security problems, and help the environment.

Healthcare: In the healthcare theme, Inventron is looking for cool ideas in medical technology. It could be anything from making patient care better to improving how we diagnose illnesses. This is the place where those ideas can get a chance to grow.

Mobility: Think about how we get around every day—that’s what the Mobility theme at Inventron is all about. Participants are asked to think of new and better ways for transportation. It could be making public transport more eco-friendly or creating innovative ways for people to move around in cities.

Computer Tech: Technology is always moving forward, and the Computer Tech theme at Inventron is all about pushing those limits. Whether it’s artificial intelligence or keeping our information safe with cybersecurity, participants can show off their skills and be part of the ever-expanding world of computer technology.

Open Innovation: In the Open Innovation theme, Inventron is all about letting imaginations run wild. Here, participants can think beyond the usual categories and come up with solutions that are new and creative, breaking away from the usual rules.

Participants were tasked with creating functional prototypes, whether software or hardware, based on the provided problem statements and themes. After dedicated hours of innovation and hard work, the mentors, experts in their respective fields, carefully evaluated the projects. The standout project deemed the best in terms of creativity, functionality, and problem-solving was then forwarded to the jury for final evaluation and recognition. This process ensured that the most promising and impactful solutions were acknowledged and celebrated at the culmination of the event.

The success of Inventron can be attributed to the exceptional team of mentors who brought their expertise and guidance to the event. The mentors were industry leaders in their respective fields and played a crucial role in shaping and nurturing the next generation of innovators. They included Mr. Lakshmi Venkatesh Jadhav, the founder and CEO of CaPlan Edutech, who offered visionary perspectives in Open Innovation. Mr. Rajulapati Mithra, an SAP Basis Consultant at NTT Data, provided practical insights into Mobility solutions. The Healthcare theme had Mr. Sailesh Panali, the CEO of EVIOT Technologies, who emphasized ethical considerations. Mr. Akash Rao Mallareddy, a business mentor at Rejolt EdTech, provided pragmatic guidance in Computer Tech, while Mr. Satya Illa, the founder of Kaanthi, championed sustainable farming solutions in Agriculture.

Inventron wasn’t just a hackathon; it was a journey into the heart of innovation, a testament to what can be achieved when brilliant minds come together. As the echoes of coding and collaboration lingered, the impact of Inventron resonated far beyond its conclusion. It marked the beginning of a new era—a generation of innovators ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with unwavering creativity and collaborative spirit. The participation of 550 students from across the country added a diverse tapestry of ideas, making Inventron not just a local event but a national hub for innovation. Until the next Inventron, the legacy of this extraordinary event lives on, inspiring the innovators of the future.

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