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In a fascinating display of ideas and innovation, first-year engineering students participated in the Innovation Challenge. Hosted annually by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MLRIT, it provides a platform for students to foster innovation and problem-solving. Four top teams are selected from each branch from their microproject sessions and compete among them.

And this captivating tech event INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2K24, unfolded on 6th January with the panel of judges, composed of experienced faculty members, who faced the challenge of evaluating the brainstorming projects. The atmosphere in the presentation areas was charged with excitement as each team presented their work and highlighted their unique problem-solving skills.
There was harmonious coordination between the participating teams, student mentors and faculty mentors. The evaluating criteria encompassed various factors such as idea generation, originality, presentation skills, and prototype working.

The Innovation Challenge is not just an event to foster creativity and critical thinking among the students, but also an inspiration for them to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship.
Whether through research, prototyping, or presenting their ideas, the process fosters continuous learning and personal development. It is dynamic and engaging platform that promotes development of inventive solutions and cultivates a culture of innovation along with collaborative learning and teamwork.

Notable projects include: Ion thruster, Smart bridge, Book web, Smart door, Agricultural irrigators with magnetic energy, Gas sensors, Automatic cylinder booking system, Alcohol sensor and many more. Ranging from IOT to web development, app development to hardware, dynamic ideas and projects instilled in them a sense of confidence and passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of engineering.

The chief guests, our esteemed principal, Dr. K. Srinivas Rao and Dr. CH Achi Reddy- HOD H&S graced the event and addressed the students with their inspiring words emphasizing the importance of innovation. They appreciated the students for their dedication and encouraged to continue the same enthusiasm for the coming years.

After careful deliberation, the winners list was made. The evaluation process ensured that winning projects not only demonstrated innovation but also feasibility, practicality, and potential impact.
Top projects were selected from each class and were awarded with the consolation prize of worth Rs.1000.
Two projects were awarded the Runners Up position.
TITLE: Alerting and hazardous gas detection
The project is to detect the gases present in the sewage as some of the gases are hazardous to the sewage workers. It detects and alerts the gases.
The team consisted of P. Maneesha, m. Himateja, M. Srinu, and S. Nandini from CSD-C with the student mentors Abhilash and Arun ( student council, CIE) and faculty mentor Dr. Likha Chandran.
TITLE: Trinetra- eyes for the blind
Developed by Shivansh, Fahad, Nikhil, Neha, and Prasher from CSE-F under the guidance of student mentors Aditya and Vedaansh and faculty mentor Dr. Parameshwari, it is a software specifically built for the visually impaired, which uses image and object recognition and has AI multi language integration

The winning project stood out to be Wi-fi controlled Robot, which is a robotic device that can be controlled remotely using a wireless internet connection. Autonomous operation, reducing the need for direct human intervention. Team members, A. Amarnath, J. Paulson, G. Vineela, and K, Vaishnavi from CSD-B mentored by students Jayashree and Suraj along with faculty mentor, Dr. Parameshwari radiated a sense of accomplishment as they received accolades.

Months of hard work and dedication culminated in a day where innovation took the centre stage

Overall, the innovation challenge showcased the immense talent and potential of first year students. As these students continue their academic journey, innovation challenge will undoubtedly be remembered as a pivotal moment that fueled their aspirations and set the stage for future accomplishments in the dynamic field of engineering.

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